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Roofing and Siding Chicago IL | Roof Replacement

Better Pricing

We’re Not Just Going To Say We Have
Better Prices Than Other Chicago Roofers.

We’re Going To Tell You Exactly How We Do It.

better pricing 1 - Better Pricing

We promise to give you a very reasonable quote for your roof replacement, but without sacrificing quality.

The question you might have is this: how do we do it?

Here are the 5 key ways we keep our prices fair and reasonable:

#1 – We Don’t Have A Bloated Staff.

If you deal with a huge roofing company, they have a large staff to support. Marketing managers, a huge sales staff, support staff for the employees, and more. All this would be fine if it helped you get a better roof, but a lot of it is to keep feeding their sales machine. And the larger that machine gets, the more profit they need to make to justify the staff.

We’re different. Our hands-on owner, experienced installers, and lean and efficient support staff are completely focused on delivering great results.

#2 – We Do The Job Right The First Time.

You know one thing that can cost Chicago roofing companies a lot of money? Having to go back and fix things they did wrong the first time. Responding to complaints and workmanship claims gets expensive because of the time it requires.

That is just one of the reasons we put a strong emphasis on doing the job right the first time. Does that mean we won’t be there if you need us? Of course not. Nobody is 100% perfect, and if you have an issue, we’ll resolve it quickly and fairly. But our ‘job done right the first time’ policy means that any potential issues are extremely rare.

#3 – We Don’t Spend Outrageous Amounts On Advertising.

BEST-4-U does some advertising. It is one way to keep a business healthy. But some companies go way over the top in the amount of advertising, and then they have to keep their prices at the top of the market to continue to pay for those ads.

#4 – We Don’t Push One Particular Roofing Material Or Brand.

Some Chicago roofers insist that their one specific brand of roofing material is always the best solution for every home – they always recommend the same thing to every homeowner! We’d rather talk with you about you goals and budget and find the right solution for YOU.

#5 – We Don’t Pad Profits

To be blunt, some roofing companies get a little greedy. We don’t. Yes, we need to make a reasonable profit to keep our business healthy. But we don’t think that padding profits is fair to homeowners and we won’t do it.

Does Better Pricing Mean The Absolute Lowest Price?

Sometimes we’re asked if we will always be the lowest quote. Our experience tells us this: if you compare us to other high-quality roofing companies, our bid is typically the lowest.

But our experience also tells us that there are roofers with lower quality standards in this market, and so it is possible to find someone willing to bid lower.

The problem is this: just like you don’t want the absolute cheapest car or cheapest doctor, you don’t want ‘bottom-of-the-barrel’ roof replacement either. These companies use temporary labor, they have inconsistent service standards, and they often take shortcuts during installation.

Would You Like A Roof Replacement At A Better Price, But Without Sacrificing Quality? Call Us For A Free Consultation And Quote.

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