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Get Your Roof Replaced Without Feeling Sales Pressure

no pressure sales - No-Pressure Sales

Have you ever dealt with a home improvement company that makes you feel like they aren’t leaving you alone until you say yes to them? The kind of company that says you have to buy RIGHT NOW or the price is going to go up?

These kind of tactics make homeowners uncomfortable, and we agree.

In fact, we’re the exact opposite of those high-pressure roofers who make you feel like you must buy from them.

We Won’t Overwhelm You

Some companies turn their visit to your home into a long, drawn-out process that takes hours and is basically a heavy sales pitch, more than a consultation and quote.

Other companies barely visit and leave you with a vague quote and not much information.

Our process is designed to give you the information you need and answer all your questions, but without overwhelming you with presentations or sales pressure.

Our Process Is The Right Combination Of Technology & Education

Here’s how our easy, stress-free quote process works.

Step One – We Use Technology To Gather Information And Measurements Of Your Roof BEFORE We Show Up.

Did you know there are now satellite technologies that allow us to gather information measurements of your roof? There are. And what that means is we can come prepared for your consultation without wasting your time measuring your roof.

Step Two – When We Show Up To Your Home, We LISTEN to YOU First.

We have a strong belief that before we can recommend the right solution for you, we need to actually listen to your goals. Many companies come in and start right off telling you why you need a particular solution, and why you “must” do this or that.

Not us. Since we have wide roofing expertise and can work with all materials and brands, we don’t push a pre-conceived solution on you. Instead, we listen first and only then make recommendations that meet your budget and goals.

Step Three – We’ll Give You A Firm, Fair Quote And Answer All Your Questions.

Next we’ll give you our quote, explain what results you’ll get for your investment, and then take the time to answer all your questions. No pressure and no hammering you with sales tactics or pricing games. Just facts and information.

Step Four – We Step Back And Let YOU Decide.

If you’re ready to get started – great! We’ll schedule your roof replacement or other home improvement project. But if you need to think about it, we’re happy to step back and give you the time and space you need to make a smart decision that you’re comfortable with.

How Would You Like To Feel In Control & Get A Firm, Fair Quote? Contact Us Now For A Free Consultation.

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