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Additional Roofing Services For Chicago Area

Roof Maintenance, Roof Repair, & Help With Ice Dams

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We provide several additional roofing services in the Chicago area, including the North Shore and surrounding communities. Call us for preventive roof maintenance, roof repair, and help with ice dams.

Ice Dams

Best 4 U Ice Dams Photo 300x96 - Other ServicesYou might think ice damming is primarily an issue with your roof, but it is actually a problem that starts with your attic space. More precisely, it is caused by inadequate attic insulation and/or ventilation. When attics get too warm during the winter time it will generate a damaging freeze and thaw cycle which causes the snow on the roof to melt first and then to refreeze.

The destructive ice builds up on your roof. If you are having this issue, let our roof expert know during your consultation. When you do a full roof replacement, it is a great opportunity to fix the problem permanently. Sometimes ice damming problems can be solved very simply – it depends on the underlying cause.

Please do be careful with ice dams. Trying to handle it yourself or hiring someone who is not an expert can be dangerous. Call in true professionals.

Preventive Roof Maintenance

Preventive maintenance programs are designed to help diagnose roof problems before they become major. It is critical to extending roof life and many roof warranties require ongoing care.

You might not realize that warranties do not cover routine maintenance but put an obligation on the building owner to keep up a good maintenance program.

Also, if you want to extend your roof’s life, regular maintenance is a good idea. Your roof is as good as the care you provide for it. A good preventive program can help you save a lot in unnecessary, costly repairs.

Remember, even if BEST-4-U did not install your roof, we can help you maintain it.

Roof Repair

It is a goal of our repair technician to further the life of your roof. Sometimes repairs are needed even when you don’t notice a leak. If you have made certain additions to your home or building (such as new plumbing pipes, skylights, masonry work, etc.), our qualified roofing technician will be able to help you.

Call Us If You Need A Roof Repair, Roof Maintenance, Or Have Ice Damming Issues.

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