Three Drainage Solutions for Flat Roofs

A long time favorite in the world of commercial roofing, flat roofs are becoming more and more popular in the residential sphere. They’re well-suited to the sharp angles of contemporary architecture, and they’re better able to resist damage due to wind, storms, or pests. However, flat roofs do present a challenge that’s unique to them in the roofing world: with no slope to run water into the gutter system, how do you keep it from pooling on the surface?

Make no mistake, pooling water can cause serious damage to your flat roof, just as it might with other types of roofs. Fortunately, there are a few drainage solutions out there to prevent this.


You can use traditional gutters on flat roofs. Water will eventually roll off the side of the roof and into the gutters, much like sloped roofs. In fact, in the event of heavy rain, it’s a good idea to have gutters installed along the side of the roof, to keep water from running off the side into the yard. Gutters are also the most affordable drainage solution. However, they do require regular maintenance and cleaning, and they don’t do much for water that pools in the center of the roof.

Interior Drain Pipes

Where does the water in your bathtub go, or your toilet, or kitchen sink? Down the drain, of course. So this first drainage solution works in much the same way. A drain is installed in the center of the roof, or wherever water is most likely to pool. From there it funnels the water through the pipes until it meets with a downspout, much like traditional rain gutters might. Of course, installation may be more complicated than traditional gutters. However, this is a solution that’s tailored to flat roofs, and it protects the walls of your home as well by keeping the water within the drainage pipes.

Tapered Insulation

If you have an issue with drainage on your flat roof, maybe the solution is to have insulation that isn’t flat. Tapered insulation helps to direct water towards your drainage system, such as gutters or drainage pipes. There are two-tapered insulation solutions and four-tapered insulation solutions. Four-tapered insulation systems are the most used among commercial flat roofs, but two-tapered insulation systems will also suffice.

Drainage for flat roofs can be a unique challenge, but it’s not one without multiple solutions. Contact Best 4 U Roofing todayfor more information on flat roofs or a free quote.