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slate roofing - Slate Roofing

Stone slates roofs are considered to be the world’s finest roofs. They have a track record that goes back thousands of years and spans the entire world.

These roofs last for centuries; they’re fireproof, natural and beautiful. These roofs originated in Europe, and it is not unusual to find them still in good repair after centuries. In fact, they are so valued that some European laws prevent people from replacing slate roofs with cheaper substitutes!

BUT… if you decide on a slate roof, it is ESSENTIAL to select a roofing company that knows how to handle and install this material. The truth is many Chicago roofers do not have the expertise necessary to properly install a slate roof.

Our roots and methods come from the European tradition, so we are uniquely positioned as true experts in slate roofing. Remember that the main reason for slate roof failure is bad installation techniques – don’t risk going with inexperienced slate roofers.

We Offer Chicago Area Homeowners A Less Expensive Alternative For Slate Roofs

A real stone roof has tremendous beauty and value, but the high price and heavy weight (which often requires additional structural support) can make this an unrealistic option for some homeowners.

BEST-4-U also offers great alternatives that looks like slate, but at a lesser cost. Synthetic, plastic and rubber roofs are wonderful options. Plastic or rubber slates can look very much like the real thing. The durability with these alternatives is also superb, with many options coming with 50 year/ lifetime warranties.

Another advantage: because the synthetic materials are lightweight, installation takes much less time. Homeowners also love the wide variety of brands, colors and shapes. You can do beautiful, distinctive and colorful things with synthetic slate!

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