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Flat Roof Installation For Chicago,
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Flat Roofs MUST Be Installed Correctly To Avoid Leaks… And We Know Exactly How To Install Them Right.

1. Top Roof - Flat Roof

Flat roofs can be an excellent roofing option because they are generally easier and quicker for a carpenter to build. Also, fewer roofing materials are needed for a flat roof, which potentially can save you significant money.

But flat roofs are also known for a tendency to leak. Since they have very little slope, water can end up standing on the roof, and this can be a recipe for problems.

Here Are The 2 Things You Must Do To Avoid Flat Roof Problems

#1 – Use The Right Materials.

The good news is that there are new flat roofing materials available which avoid leak issues. Flat roofing systems were typically made from asphalt, tar and gravel, but tar and gravel materials are becoming less popular. These roofs can be extremely sensitive to human traffic and weather. Now that more advance materials are available, homeowners are making the smart choices.

Here are the choices BEST-4-U offers in flat roofing systems:

  • modified - Flat RoofModified Bitumen Roofing System
  • epdm roof - Flat RoofEPDM Single-Ply Membrane (Rubber Roof)
  • coating - Flat RoofRoof Life Extender Coating
  • roof insulation - Flat RoofRoof Insulation
  • Build Up Roofing - Flat RoofBuild-Up Roofing
  • tpo roof - Flat RoofThermoplastic PVC and TPO Single Ply Roofing Membranes

#2 Choose A Chicago Area Roofer That Understands Flat Roof Replacement Installation

Best-4-U Inc. is proud to be an experienced installer of traditional, as well as new highly technically advanced flat roofing systems.

When you call us for a free flat roof consultation and quote, we can help you understand the different options and recommend that exact right roof system for your situation.

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