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If you’re thinking about replacing your roof and want a traditional asphalt shingle roof installed by a proven Chicago roofing company, you’re in the right place.

Here is what you can expect from BEST-4-U with a free consultation and quote on an asphalt shingle roof:

  1. We come to your home prepared, having used satellite technology to get measurements before arriving for your free consultation and quote. We don’t waste your time!
  2. We listen to you, and your goals for your roof. We can help you weigh your options, including helping you decide on shingle durability while also weighing costs. We work with you, not against you!
  3. We’ll give you a very fair price. Unlike many roofers, we don’t overcharge for quality!

Our Asphalt Shingle Roofing Installation Is Better Than Average Chicago Area Roofers… Here’s Why:

We NEVER use untested, untrained, temporary labor on our roofing crews.

Instead, we use installers that are experienced, trained, and certified. We believe in ‘old-world’ craftsmanship and that the details of installation matter. Simply put, we don’t cut corners.


Proof Of Our Installation Expertise & Standards

BEST-4-U has a great track record as a top Chicago roofing and home improvement company. We are certified installers for two of the top roofing manufacturers in the country, and we have an exceptional reputation with the Better Business Bureau:

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Why Asphalt Shingle Roofs Are Popular in Chicago Area & North Shore

Asphalt shingles make up an overwhelming share of the U.S. residential market, and one of the main reasons is the reasonable cost: asphalt shingles are the least expensive roofing alternative. When choosing a roofing material for your home, it’s important to balance four considerations: cost, durability, aesthetics and architectural style. There are many brands and styles from which you can choose to satisfy your aesthetic needs.


What Are The Signs That Your Asphalt Shingles Need Replaced?

You can determine wear and deterioration on an asphalt roof when the mineral granules wear off and black asphalt shows through. Another sign of wear is when the shingle corners and edges begin to curl and crack. When only a few shingles show this kind of wear, re-roofing may not be necessary. However, if one out of every five to ten shingles has deteriorated in these ways, it is likely time to re-roof. Postponing the roof replacement may lead to further costs coming from: decking deteriorating or mold growth, damage to rafters an trusses, attic insulation damage and ceiling damage.

When it comes time to choose which shingles to install, you have many choices, including organic shingles, fiberglass shingles and laminated dimensional shingles. The fire resistance of asphalt shingles is categorized by Class A, B, or C. Class A is the most fire resistant. Generally, most fiberglass shingles have a Class A fire rating, while most organic have Class C fire rating. Both organic and fiberglass products are available in laminated, architectural grades that offer a textured appearance.

All shingles offered by BEST-4-U are fiberglass shingles and most of our customers choose laminated products. But if you choose savings on your new roof a traditional 3-Tab design is mostly cheaper by about $5 per 100 square feet.


How To Avoid A Bad Asphalt Shingle Roofing Installation

It is of highest importance to choose the roofing crew who knows and applies manufacturer’s specifications and building codes when installing your asphalt shingle roof. Bad installation can lead to having to replace the roof all over again because asphalt shingles seal to one another. You cannot just remove them and re-install the same material.

We avoid all these problems by having employees trained on the exact installation methods recommended by the manufacturer; our installers have an average 12 years of experience.

We promise to give you a very reasonable quote for your roof replacement, but without sacrificing quality!


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